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Austin Wright

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Forgiven: [Oct. 3rd, 2007|06:47 am]
Austin Wright
I am currently housesitting my father's house. The house I grew up in is way more provisioned than where I currently live.

Living with a disabled grandmother prevents me from using the restroom at night, or from realistically using the kitchen.

While here, I took a shower and while leaving the doors open and some MP3s blasting in the other room. The whole house was filled with Morrissey's "You have Killed Me" followed by Muse's "Newborn."

My online class is up in the air, I hope I pass it...

Thinking about it. There is a lot more that i need to write about the Desiree situation. Eventually, i will write about it. But now that she moved away, I decided to forgive her. Ever though she used me hardcore and wasted my time with games and lies. I am able to look beyond all that happened and simply dismiss it.

My life is busy. I am have solid friends and complex times to go. Detailed things to write and and noise to listen to. I cannot really afford to dwell on my unresolved feelings.

"As I live and breathe,
You have killed me,
You have killed me,
Yes I walk around somehow,
But you have killed me,
You have killed me

And there is no point saying this again,
There is no point saying this again,
But I forgive you,
I forgive you,
Always, I do forgive you."